Agitating For Positive Change

One of the most frustrating things in the world is when you see an issue and feel powerless to address it. People feel strongly about many things, ranging politics and government to culture and the arts. rubber speed hump

Identifying the problem

We don’t live in a perfect world, and as such there are many things we would like to change. In fact many think we seem to be inching slowly, but surely towards a dystopian future. The sort of future you want to keep within the pages of a good book, or safely behind a movie screen. If you are more inclined towards a utopian sort of situation, then you probably want to make some changes. The first step would be identifying the problem or problems. Start with something achievable, such as building bollards Perth near schools, before attempting to reform the government as a whole. Identifying the problems, at various degrees of importance is what you should be thinking about.

Creating some change
Now that you have a list of rather worrying problems, it’s time to tackle them. You have an array of tools available to you. You can choose to create a petition for change, protest peacefully to create awareness, or take it up directly with your elected representative through an email, or a meeting. It’s important to view the issue from an intersectional point of view, so that when you advocate for change, you are sure that this is a change that will benefit all, and not perpetuate a disadvantage you didn’t see. It is important to create some discussion and debate on these topics. Not only will having supporters help you initiate change, it will create a conversation on the issue, and spread awareness among your community.

Appreciate the small wins
Now while everyone wants to change the world, the path to change as momentous as that is littered with small wins, like increasing safety near a children’s park by installing a rubber speed hump. These may seem microscopic in comparison to other issues, but they did make a positive impact in your community and these changes all add up to something larger. Celebrate reaching 200 signatures on your petition before aiming for a 1000. Appreciate local debates on national issues, even if it’s only among individuals in local government, who cannot influence decisions made at a higher level. The ripple effect is real, and noise of the movement will spread, especially if you maintain an active social media presence.

Keep the ball rolling
Keep working hard but try not to get caught up in one world view. Listen to the arguments of your opponents before you stand against them. Approaching an issue from a logical and rational standpoint is often the best way to get your point across.