Things To Consider Before Selling Your Car:

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If you have plans of selling your current car it is important that you prepare for it in advance so you be able to get a bigger and better deal out of it or sell it at your ideal price. Regardless if your car is new or old you still need to prepare in advance before advertising it in the market .

Check your car thoroughly if it needs to undergo any major repairs or overhauls especially if the car has been through a lot already. As much as possible, we would like to make the car as presentable as possible so we can sell it at a higher price and make a good profit out of our investment. Some sellers even invest or spend additional money on a paint job and with an added ceramic coating Mascot so the car would be restored to its old looks making it easier to sell.

2.)Aside from focusing on the exteriors of the car make sure to clean the interiors as well . Check if the seats are worn out or the dashboard needs to be repaired or replaced. Make sure that the carpets and flooring are still in good condition before offering it to prospect buyers. Always keep in mind that if the car is not in good condition you must make an effort to have it fixed or undergo car detailing sessions before selling it to avoid getting negative feedback from client. Visit

3.) Price the car according to market standards. Remember that selling a car is not as easy compared to selling other merchandise because most buyers are concerned about the selling price. Selling your car at a fair and justifiable price would increase your chances of finding the right buyer in due time. It would also be nice if you are able to explain to potential buyers the current state of the vehicle. Answer all questions as honestly as possible. You should also be open to further negotiations regarding pricing and terms of payment.

4.) Complete the necessary paperwork such as OR/CR, updated registration and open deed of sale. Any second hand car buyer would like to make sure that the car is legitimate and not stolen or doesn’t have any outstanding derogatory records. If the paperwork have been misplaced or lost you can always request for copies for a small fee. If the car that you are about to sell is still under an existing bank loan, make sure that your buyer is aware of the total amount owed to it could be settled right away.